Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here is the REAL first!

So today I am finally inspired to actually POST a blog instead of letting it sit in my draft folder! Let me explain: I was introduced to the blog world by my friend and neighbor T. I have been reading her blogs for a little over a year .. it was fascinating and fun. Several times I had asked her to show me her wise ways .. and finally on Mother's day this year we gathered the laptops and presto! Rockstar was born on my own blog!

Yesterday, however, was the day that I had to say good bye to T. She and her family are moving .. on to another military post. What made it difficult is that she is the first out of our "three amigos" group to leave. Neighbor T and neighbor A were my support group because the three of us shared 15 months together while our husbands were deployed overseas. We arrived in Texas and in our new homes approximately the same time, the men left within weeks of each other ... one of the things that separated me from them, was the fact that it was my first year as a military wife and they were already 10+ yrs ahead of me! So, needless to say .. T was my wine drinking buddy .. both T and A showed me the "wise ways of military survival" ..they explained to me the military hierachy (of which I am still confused over!) .. I was introduced to Southern Living .. polish pottery .. and have even inherited a flying pig from the OWC Bazaar .. a place I would not have ventured to if it wasn't for them! So, here is to you, T ... thank you for your friendship .. your good cooking.. muffin mondays .. the wine ..who will I split HEB's six pack of wine with?!? Thank you for showing me your blog .. I look forward to your adventures in your new home!

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