Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh .. those moments ..

November R09 054
So another day with the teenagers .. another moment for the blog …setting the scene: 7:20 am .. school day, daughter is anxious and yelling, wants to leave ‘NOW’ .. son is gathering his stuff .. mom (me) doing finishing touches .. I tend to be the last out the door .. I want to make sure everything is off, nothing forgotten .. etc. So at the door, I grab my water bottle, two phones and my camera, and my coffee cup ..
Get in the truck .. daughter..”I don’t know why you need to be all dressed up, you’re just taking us to school …”    me: “no, I have to go grocery shopping ..”   son: “so .. you  bring the camera?”  me: “i always bring the camera, you never know what moments  you can capture ..” son: “that’s ridiculous.. “ me: “hey, it’s not about how many breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away …”   son: “oh, too many breaths taken away, and you die … ” daughter: “yea, you’re going to stop breathing” … son: “that’s it mom, we’re putting you on a suicide watch …”   the CD player has Michael Buble playing in the background “tell me when will you be mine….tell me Quando, quando, quando …”
The bantering continues “SEE this is why we need to leave earlier .. we’re stuck in traffic, now I’m going to miss my midterm .. then it will be your fault that I failed …” “Can’t you just go around ..?!?” …their voices are loud .. the four mile drive seems like forty miles .. just a couple more minutes, I can tell them I love them and “have a good day” .. and then I can turn up my music, sip my coffee and drive with Michael crooning loudly  ….” Let me show you the way, to a joy beyond compare …I can’t wait a moment more, tell me quando, quando, quando …just say it’s me that you adore … oh my love, please tell me when …”

Sunday, January 24, 2010

That’s right ….!

The Colts won!
Had a nice Sunday .. slept in (sort of..), made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins, did some work, walked briskly for two hours and had some defining conversation .. and then I got to watch my Peyton play!  

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Day at the Gym …

Okay .. so I think I am ready to blog again … Tomorrow will have been three weeks of a silent blog brain. The last couple of days things were forming again .. I almost picture it as little voices talking in my head .. OH MY .. is that a sign of schizophrenia?? Maybe I’m going crazy .. that could very well be ..  2010 so far has been a crazy ride.

There have only been a few constants that I can depend on in 2010 .. my teenagers are still teenagers, and running is still keeping me half sane  … (okay, and Peyton Manning is still the best, Bruce drives me crazy and I am grateful I am living in Maine!)

I am contemplating a road race on Super Bowl Sunday .. a ten miler, the first since 1991 .. the only thing stopping me to fully committing is the weather. The race will be on the coast, and this is Maine .. it may be very, very cold! I’m spoiled now, running in the gym is always hot .. nothing was hotter than today … i think this is why my blog brain is back!

If you have followed my older posts, you’ll know that I do a lot of my blog thinking while I run … running for me is therapeutic. Lately my runs have been the best .. literally! I have been running faster and longer .. it is absolutely fabulous! (So really, what does that mean? Lots of therapy?)But today was just plain funny .. I wish soulsistah R would have been there .. she would have appreciated this run. (Soulsistah R was my coworker last year, we decided we were sisters from different mothers.. although our mothers sounded identical. She too loves to run)

Running on a treadmill is not the most exciting thing .. in fact, anything beyond 30 minutes and it gets quite boring. That’s why it’s important to have good music and at times an accomplice like R to keep it all entertaining. Last year we used to scope the male athletes and name them if they were worthy of a third look!! There is ‘Legs’ , ‘Rebel’, ‘Air Force Guy’. .. and then our favorite ‘Marathon Man’.

So, today .. 8:00am at the gym, the treadmills are almost all taken .. except for two. (For a Saturday morning, 8:00am .. that’s pretty amazing) .. So, I hop on, get myself situated, when  I look to my right, and realize it’s runner “Legs” .. “hmm,” I thought, “not too shabby” ..look to my left, and it’s runner “Nice guy” ..”I can do this ..”  the treadmill begins for the arduous 10 miles.

Miles 1, 2 and 3 .. easy and slow .. I skip through some songs ..nothing seems to zing me .. mile 4, I’m realizing I’m not even half way .. that little voice started talking .. “maybe we don’t need to do 10 miles .. if we do 8, that’ll be 25 miles for the week .. that’s respectable ….” Then it happened ..  .. Marathon Man hopped on the elliptical in front of me. Yes, in front …! (Normally I dread having anyone getting on a machine in front .. I don’t like the view) SOULSISTAH! Where are you??!! So .. re-energized, mile 4 turns into mile 5 .. enjoying my run … suddenly a thought ran through my mind .. to my right Legs, to my left, Nice Guy .. front right Marathon Man and front left empty .. Damn, Darn .. Rebel needs to be on the left front … then I could be Madame President with my four body guards …  out for my morning 10 mile jaunt … “c’mon boys, try to keep up…”

Hey, it was a thought … blog worthy!

(I got off after mile 7, even the body guards couldn’t keep me motivated! .. 20 minutes of weights, and I decided to finish the last 3 miles to music … it was safer that way!)

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Frosty Morning

January2210 023 (4)

I love frosty mornings .. it drives the teenagers crazy because every morning when we walk out the door to go to school, I will have my camera in hand .. and every morning my teenage daughter will yell .. “why do you need to bring that ..” . Ah… they just don’t understand .. maybe one day they will.

This was a fun frosty Friday morning .. rushing out the door, not once but twice .. even us adults can act like teenagers sometimes!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A quiet corner ..


It’s been very, very quiet in my corner… but I can feel my blog brain starting to stir..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 - the NEW YEAR! ~ and the new decade!

Happy New Year! I had planned on a "list" for my first blog of the year ..not the resolutions kind, but just a 2010 list. I was very excited to bring in the New Year .. glad to have 2009 behind me, and happily looking to 2010 as the year for new beginnings.
Once I have my list out of my head and on paper  blog, I'll be sure to post it. For now, I am actually going to start the New Year differently, and am going to take a break from blogging.
My blog brain feels like the picture .. always peddling, but never moving forward! It's time to move forward...