Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Day at the Gym …

Okay .. so I think I am ready to blog again … Tomorrow will have been three weeks of a silent blog brain. The last couple of days things were forming again .. I almost picture it as little voices talking in my head .. OH MY .. is that a sign of schizophrenia?? Maybe I’m going crazy .. that could very well be ..  2010 so far has been a crazy ride.

There have only been a few constants that I can depend on in 2010 .. my teenagers are still teenagers, and running is still keeping me half sane  … (okay, and Peyton Manning is still the best, Bruce drives me crazy and I am grateful I am living in Maine!)

I am contemplating a road race on Super Bowl Sunday .. a ten miler, the first since 1991 .. the only thing stopping me to fully committing is the weather. The race will be on the coast, and this is Maine .. it may be very, very cold! I’m spoiled now, running in the gym is always hot .. nothing was hotter than today … i think this is why my blog brain is back!

If you have followed my older posts, you’ll know that I do a lot of my blog thinking while I run … running for me is therapeutic. Lately my runs have been the best .. literally! I have been running faster and longer .. it is absolutely fabulous! (So really, what does that mean? Lots of therapy?)But today was just plain funny .. I wish soulsistah R would have been there .. she would have appreciated this run. (Soulsistah R was my coworker last year, we decided we were sisters from different mothers.. although our mothers sounded identical. She too loves to run)

Running on a treadmill is not the most exciting thing .. in fact, anything beyond 30 minutes and it gets quite boring. That’s why it’s important to have good music and at times an accomplice like R to keep it all entertaining. Last year we used to scope the male athletes and name them if they were worthy of a third look!! There is ‘Legs’ , ‘Rebel’, ‘Air Force Guy’. .. and then our favorite ‘Marathon Man’.

So, today .. 8:00am at the gym, the treadmills are almost all taken .. except for two. (For a Saturday morning, 8:00am .. that’s pretty amazing) .. So, I hop on, get myself situated, when  I look to my right, and realize it’s runner “Legs” .. “hmm,” I thought, “not too shabby” ..look to my left, and it’s runner “Nice guy” ..”I can do this ..”  the treadmill begins for the arduous 10 miles.

Miles 1, 2 and 3 .. easy and slow .. I skip through some songs ..nothing seems to zing me .. mile 4, I’m realizing I’m not even half way .. that little voice started talking .. “maybe we don’t need to do 10 miles .. if we do 8, that’ll be 25 miles for the week .. that’s respectable ….” Then it happened ..  .. Marathon Man hopped on the elliptical in front of me. Yes, in front …! (Normally I dread having anyone getting on a machine in front .. I don’t like the view) SOULSISTAH! Where are you??!! So .. re-energized, mile 4 turns into mile 5 .. enjoying my run … suddenly a thought ran through my mind .. to my right Legs, to my left, Nice Guy .. front right Marathon Man and front left empty .. Damn, Darn .. Rebel needs to be on the left front … then I could be Madame President with my four body guards …  out for my morning 10 mile jaunt … “c’mon boys, try to keep up…”

Hey, it was a thought … blog worthy!

(I got off after mile 7, even the body guards couldn’t keep me motivated! .. 20 minutes of weights, and I decided to finish the last 3 miles to music … it was safer that way!)

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