Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh .. those moments ..

November R09 054
So another day with the teenagers .. another moment for the blog …setting the scene: 7:20 am .. school day, daughter is anxious and yelling, wants to leave ‘NOW’ .. son is gathering his stuff .. mom (me) doing finishing touches .. I tend to be the last out the door .. I want to make sure everything is off, nothing forgotten .. etc. So at the door, I grab my water bottle, two phones and my camera, and my coffee cup ..
Get in the truck .. daughter..”I don’t know why you need to be all dressed up, you’re just taking us to school …”    me: “no, I have to go grocery shopping ..”   son: “so .. you  bring the camera?”  me: “i always bring the camera, you never know what moments  you can capture ..” son: “that’s ridiculous.. “ me: “hey, it’s not about how many breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away …”   son: “oh, too many breaths taken away, and you die … ” daughter: “yea, you’re going to stop breathing” … son: “that’s it mom, we’re putting you on a suicide watch …”   the CD player has Michael Buble playing in the background “tell me when will you be mine….tell me Quando, quando, quando …”
The bantering continues “SEE this is why we need to leave earlier .. we’re stuck in traffic, now I’m going to miss my midterm .. then it will be your fault that I failed …” “Can’t you just go around ..?!?” …their voices are loud .. the four mile drive seems like forty miles .. just a couple more minutes, I can tell them I love them and “have a good day” .. and then I can turn up my music, sip my coffee and drive with Michael crooning loudly  ….” Let me show you the way, to a joy beyond compare …I can’t wait a moment more, tell me quando, quando, quando …just say it’s me that you adore … oh my love, please tell me when …”

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