Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday 13 .. the letter A

So .. I unofficially took the summer off, and was not a good blogger. Tommie, my inspiration had purposely taken time off, and has come back to the blog world. Reading her blog gives me the drive to try again ..

Thursday's have always been my favorite .. because it always has to do with Thursday13 .. Tommie started with the alphabet again .. so I think for a change I will too. (I never said I was original!)

So for today's Thursday .. the letter A
  1. Aletta - my favorite daughter

  2. Animal - my favorite muppet

  3. Anchovies - when I was pregnant with Noah, I craved anchovy salad .. the restaurant in Gloucester MA used to make it daily for me!

  4. Asics - my favorite running shoe

  5. American Airlines - frequent flyer miles .. coming up!

  6. Avalanche - my truck .... I looove my truck!

  7. Asymmetric - things need to be .. isn't that what makes life exciting?

  8. Amsterdam - when can we go?

  9. Australia - did I mention frequent flyer miles? ... when can we go?

  10. A - phone (kind of like I-Phone ..) my cell phone is on it's very last legs, and I'm going for the i-phone ..(okay .. so I was reaching!)

  11. Ants - have you been attacked by the red ones?!? The bites itch for days!!
  12. Antonio .. San Antonio .. we're running a half marathon in November!
  13. Augh!!! ..or is it Ahhhhhhhhh!! Guess depends what you are responding to!!!

1 comment:

tommie said...

Go for the Iphone, you will love it!!

Glad to see you blogging again. That is an ADORABLE pic of you and Alet.