Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Foggy Day ..

Foggy day 002a

It’s kind of like a mood .. or a moment. Foggy.  This morning I took a moment to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers, and read one that wrote about ‘being real’. It struck a chord .. being real… what is being real? (Foggy and being real .. where is the tie, you ask! Bear with me!) We all have our stories, our hardships, sadness and joys .. we choose to share some, bury others and explore the rest. In trying to be real, do we choose to be real for ourselves or for others .. or both?

To me, being real means being honest with yourself.  Being (self)honest is one of the single most difficult tasks. Being honest can uncover raw emotions, and soul conflict which can cause tremendous turmoil …. for what? The ever longing quest to be happy?

(so .. here is the tie in>>) I think we walk around in a fog .. sometimes a recognizable fog and other times a self preservation-self protection fog. Sometimes its easier to bury the emotions deep inside as not to deal with the realities of what makes us angry, sad or even happy. Often times we pacify others to make them happy, and in result neglect what we feel inside.

Unfortunately, we can only stay in that fog for a limited amount of time. Our soul will force us to “be real”  .. buckle up, enjoy the ride ..and make sure you turn on your fog lights, because the road ahead is foggy!

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Susan said...

So very true. I try not to live in a foggy world...but...

My youngest never lives in fog. She feels EVERYTHING. We tease her and tell her she's a drama queen...she's never sad, she's devestated, never happy, always joyful. She's always real with herself (and everyone else)