Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Six Wacky Things

I think Tommie called this "worthlessblog fodder" and I was indirectly tagged .. so here goes 6 wacky things .. about me

1. i like my water or unsweetened ice tea with a little ice - too cold doesn't go down well.

2. i like the bedroom to be cold when I sleep - love the feeling of cool air .. and the weight of a heavy comforter!

3. the kitchen sink needs to sparkle before bed -nothing beats seeing a clean sink in the morning

4. please let me load the dishwasher - can we say OCD .. (or is it CDO?).. I will unload just to reload! (yes .... sick, I know!)

5. i don't (can't?) iron - my mother never taught me, my husband had his way of wanting his shirts done, so he did it ... so.... I never needed to learn how to iron and quite frankly, that is okay!

6. i am not a shopper - going shopping actually stresses me out. I enjoy going shopping with a group of friends .. but that is social!

Consider yourself tagged!! List 6 things ..

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