Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thursday 13

So ... changes are coming fast.. I decided for Thursday to do:

13 Things I will Miss About Texas

Papaya & Mangoes - I love fresh fruit ..growing up we ate so much fruit .. all the tropical good stuff, Papayas and mangoes are my favorite.

SUN - Mark the dermatologist had way too much fun with my skin!

RAIN - I love the sudden downpours ..(hated the tornado threats)

Taqueria - a great Mexican restaurant 1 mile from the house .. their breakfast tacos and shrimp & cilantro tacos ... (all made with WHITE flour tortillas = carbs!)

Running year round - not that I always took advantage ..but after all those white flour tortillas ..

Running at 5 am in the dark, to avoid the heat - Probably my most favorite time .. not so for getting up, but once outside and the feet are moving

Starbucks on every corner

Fresh tortillas - going to the grocery store and buying "raw" tortillas.. will Maine have them?

Wearing shorts 10 months out of the year - the only drawback: frequent shaving!

Papa Murphy's Cinnamon Wheel - Friday night pizza night ..

No pantyhose!! - see the drawback on wearing shorts

Brown rice sushi made by the Japanese Chef at the Commissary - He would make them fresh for you!!!

Seeing stars - Texas stars are everywhere!!

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tommie said...

I really miss the tortillas...people look at me crazy here when I ask if I can buy them fresh!