Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday 13 - 13 Reasons to Run again!

Happy Thursday …

So .. lately I have been on a non running streak .. kind of like having a blog block .. so for tonight’s Thursday 13 tradition .. pondering on what list needs to be created .. I thought it may be motivating to find 13 reasons to get back on track …. so, here it goes …CMay2409 002

  1. New running shoes: nothing feels better than a new pair of shoes
  2. “I eat to run, and run to eat” ……  I love to eat … all day long .. no running means no eating??!!
  3. Is that why I am feeling pudgy? …. ya, I’m not too happy about that!
  4. I need to be able to answer “YES” when I get asked “Did you run today?”    (…..YES .. I ran today!!)
  5. These are the last few weeks in Maine … go and run those hills .. we all know Texas has none!
  6. I love smelling the lilacs this time of year
  7. Get training for the half marathon ~ ambitious goal: Rock ‘n Roll in San Antonio in November
  8. You just never know who you’ll meet running down the street .. or the sights that you see ..
  9. ahhhh yes … the pain .. in the hips, knees .. I run for the pain …NOT ! (oops, this was a motivational list!)
  10. My music … although I need to change it up again .. some of Noah’s music is getting a little too loud for me ..
  11. That sense of accomplishment after a long run .. I need to feel that again.
  12. Alone time
  13. Nothing is more freeing then to step out of the house, knowing you’re running .. and not knowing where you are going, or how long you’ll run for … just ‘going for a run’

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Anonymous said...

Ehhh.... those are great reasons, but I think I'll just sit here and read about it! ;0)

Have a great weekend!