Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 13 .. I will miss Maine

So, my time is ending in Maine .. and hence on Thursday, it is time for T13 and therefore it is time for Thirteen things I am going to miss about Maine. Of course these are not in any particular order, since I don't play favorites .. also this is quite a consolidated list, since there are so many more things I would miss .. and of course so many more people ..

Growing up my family moved around every three to four years .. I have learnt in the last three years that I really like being stable and in one place .. that is why I have grown to love Maine. I have always felt that my roots finally grew here when we arrived in 1998. The town that we lived in has been the longest place .. and the house that we owned for five years, before we moved, was the longest I had ever lived in! Maine became home.

  1. Maine

  2. Cynthia and Tim, most of all Cynthia!

  3. Janine - see #8 ..

  4. Rachel - and Jonesy? oh no, I meant work.. we worked a lot, and laughed a lot (at work, while we worked)

  5. Being able to drive to Massachusetts on a moments notice to see my sister

  6. Scenic road trips .. for so many reasons

  7. My in laws knowing they are close by

  8. Seadogs (okay .. maybe I should say "places out" since it's really about the wine and good company!)

  9. Luna's (is that too close to number 8?)

  10. Thai lunches

  11. Subway lunches on park benches when the sun shines! (Must take advantage of those precious sunny moments!!)

  12. Running Hills (a good work out after the wine!)

  13. Feeling like I am home
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Jtremble said...

I finally read your most recent blog entry, and I teared up! For a minute I was confused about who Tim is, but then I figured it out--Horton, right? I tried to be stoic when we said goodbye Saturday night, but just so you know, I cried all the way home!

Just remember, home will always be here...