Friday, February 19, 2010

Is it time .... ?

   Occasionally I will "blog surf" and just read how others write. I love what this writer wrote:

"A leaf, pale gold and curled, lifts from a branch and rises in the updraft of an easy, cold breeze. It’s the middle of February, near the end of a rough winter, and somehow that leaf had been holding tight to its branch for all these months, through several feet of snow and the hard bite of blizzard winds. Then, on a sunny morning in a halfhearted breeze, it finally lets go.

I watch it twist and roll on an invisible current, never losing altitude, until it disappears around the corner of the house.

That, I think. I want to feel like that." A direct quote from Thursday Drive

That's where I am. I went into 2010 with a new attitude, this was going to be my year. A firm believer of "things happen for a reason" .. but OMG ... can someone please shed some light??
(I know it's been only seven weeks into 2010 .. truly, I am a positive thinker ... REALLY! I AM!)

Am I that much of a control freak that I thought I could make it all happen? Now that life is taking it's twists and turns, am I finally recognizing that I don't control it all? Do I need to consider letting go..
Is it time for me to 'go with the flow' and be like that leaf, let the wind carry me around the corner ...

More changes are coming .. some expected and some not ..  where is that crystal ball .. oh, wait that wouldn't account for the "go with the flow" .. I guess it's back to the drawing board with goals and lists .. add a little faith and  keep the vision...


Jennifer S said...

It was such a nice surprise to come here and see that quote...thank you.

I've been hoping this would be my year, too. Here's to both of us letting go and seeing what good things can come from that release.

Susie said...

I also believe that things happen for a reason...although it may not seem so at the time.

Letting go can be one of the hardest things in the world to do...and only you can decide if it's time to do so or not.