Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking forward ..

RJuly209 089
Sooooooon we’ll be seeing these everywhere … I can’t wait! Today is such a dreary February day .. Tomorrow is March! YEAH!!!! March means Spring!  flowers, sunshine … end of winter, and the start of new beginnings!!
It’s a great sign when you’re driving at 6:15am and it is light out!!!  Hmm.. maybe I shouldn’t rush summer on too quick .. I need time to sculpt a bikini body!!


Susie said...


We don't quite have light at 6:15 yet (I hate that I know that!) but daylight is getting closer and closer. Yay for sunshine!

tommie said...

gorgeous! I haven't seen any pink flowers but there are little tiny green shoots coming out of the ground.

ps, i blogged! Don't hold your breath. i hope it lasts!

also, did you delete a post? one with bruce?

Brandt! said...

Tommie, I put a post on hold!