Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Run to Eat, Eat to Run ..

Ever had one of those days .... today has been an eating day .. I literally have not stopped eating ALL DAY! (Okay, okay .. I brushed my teeth 20 minutes ago in a feeble attempt to stop for the day at 7:30 pm)
Here is the list:
starting at 7:00am ..
peanut butter and crackers(with a cup of coffee),
a bowl of yoghurt and granola,
a dark chocolate almond fiber one bar
a whole wheat tortilla with stir fry vegetables, cilantro and cheese,
a slice of vegetable pizza,
a sweet potato,
hand full of M&M's (several times)..
then I discovered if you put 3 M&M's on a cracker it's like chocolate covered crackers .. so several of those ..
McD's select chicken, 3 pieces ..
did I mention M&M's?
then grilled chicken with another sweet potato ..
more hand ful of M&M's .. (I opened a second bag!!!!)
then a bowl of Oreo cookie ice cream.
end 7:30 pm (Oh my, that's one item every 50 minutes .. wow!)
Okay, I'm mildly embarrassed .. I tried counting the calories to see where I stood, but I decided to stop when I realized it was going to depress me leading me to eat more .... a terrible vicious circle!
This isn't out of depression or self-pity .. this is just one of those days that I want to eat .. 
today was eat to run .... tomorrow will be run because I ate!
What a day ... I'm exhausted!

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tommie said...

You are much braver than I am ....I haven't journaled my food eating since I did weight watchers when we lived in Alaska.