Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's an uphill battle ..

So whoever said 'what goes up must come down' certainly didn't run in Maine. Today was a glorious day .. 60 degrees by noon on March 20 ... I think in all the years I have lived here .. 60 degrees is unheard of! (the record high for today was 54 degrees.. so there's truth in the unheard of!)
Okay .. so I digress .. so today being Saturday meant a long run .. except my body at 7:30 wasn't willing to rise to the occasion I choose to run at 12:45 instead ..
I set out - not sure how far, how long .. what route .. it was going to be one of those days .. like Dora the Explora .. (ha-ha .. not that my kids ever watched her ..) I decided to turn off the main road and run what I thought would be a decent loop. First hill ... okay, a little level, next hill ... within the first mile I hit three big hills!! The little voice in my head reminded me 'what goes up, must come down..' .. running and waiting .. up yonder, another hill .. .. I won't divulge the conversation that was going on between that little voice and the screaming thighs by mile 3 of hills... the "down" just never came ..
Those stories of " in my day, I walked 5 miles to school, in a snow storm, up hill, both ways ..." seem to have some truth to them ... or is it that I'm getting older now, and soon I'll be telling those stories .."at my peak, I ran up hill both ways ... in a snow storm .... on March 20 ..."
Thank goodness for good songs on the shuffle .. thank goodness it was a beautiful day .. reasons why I love being back in Maine.

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