Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday 13 … Thirteen things in March


It's Thursday and it's time for Thursday Thirteen .. click here to play....


1.  Picture of:  A red barn


2.  Current Scent: I’m not into heavy scents .. (although nothing compares to a Kouros smelling man) .. I enjoy cherry blossom right now ..

3.  What I am reading: all I have is Cooking Light .. I'm on a quest for new recipes for my new house!

4.  Newest music I added to my playlist:  My newest jam for running on my shuffle is "Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon ... very cool song!

5.  Movie I saw: I have a steady movie date, and our last movie was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief .. not at all a movie I would pick .. but I agreed to "expand my horizons" .. AND go to the late night show ..(quite the feat, since I crash by 9:00 pm!) It was actually enjoyable!

6.  Something yummy: My latest crave is baked sweet potatoes ... I  bake them and then have them when I want a snack .... melted butter and brown sugar ....MMMM! I feel like I'm being bad, when I'm not!! (well, sort of....>> story of my life!)

7.  The Last Place I ate at: My steady date and I went to Apple Bee's before we saw the movie ..pomegranate martini's ... mm (oh, we ate .. quesadillas)

8.  Something that made me cry: March has been a great month of NOT crying too much .. but I had a moment a couple of weeks ago during a conversation when I recognized that someone just cared for ME .. (imagine that!)

9.  Something that made me laugh: My crazy teenagers .. last night they walked around the house talking in heavy Chinese accents .. it was hilarious

10. Something that I look forward to in April: Photo class with Cyn and Dory! YEAH!!  and moving into a new house!!!!

11. Something I am thankful for: (only one?) ..for the ad in the paper, advertising a house for rent, which lead to a new job, a great house ...... and I think the start of my new beginnings!!!

13. A photo I took this month:

March14 129

I took this picture because I thought it was rather symbolic … I have tried to grow Christmas Cactus for about five years, and I have never been able to get them to bloom. For some reason these two blooms started, just at the same time I thought my 2010 was in a hole ..  they were big buds like this right when my new job and new house all fell into place .. new buds … new beginnings … Spring .. finally buds on my Christmas cactus!!!

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Crazy teenagers--that is something I can relate to!