Sunday, March 21, 2010

A great day!

RJune 1209 002Happy Birthday to me!  … Another day older .. and maybe wiser? Nooo.. that wouldn’t be any fun!

What a fabulous day today .. I dare say today will go down as one of my favorite birthdays .. this morning I had my weekly breakfast with best friend Cyn. She and I have known each for 10 years .. (I never realized it was that long!) .. I love our friendship, complete honesty and truth. With Cyn, you will ALWAYS know where you stand! Then this afternoon I went for a two hour walk with my friend, who is a boy (!) … we try and get our Sunday walks in, when we can .. I completely love our walks … not only do we get a good pace going, but we cover a lot of topics .. and just being able to talk with someone, and not realize you’ve walked 8 miles ~ I think it is safe to say that I would give up a dinner to have  this walk! (dinner with no wine of course … because giving up a few glasses of wine for exercise …. that would be difficult .. hmmm I’ll ponder on that one) After my walk, with my friend that is a boy, I took my kids and went to the local Mexican restaurant. On the way, I decided that the coupon I had for my favorite clothing store was expiring today, on my birthday, you know, (and at band camp ….) and that even though the mall was closing in 15 minutes … I needed to get the black, pinstripe jacket now(since the online store didn’t have it) …long story short, I went in and came out with three items ..  do the math: the original price on the jacket was $69.95, I walked out spending $74.95 … it was timing, coupon and a sales associate who wanted to do something nice, BECAUSE IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! (**side note: I looove sales prices; the day just kept getting better!**) So, at the Mexican restaurant, there spur of the moment, another best friend , Janine joined us. It’s always an interesting event when Janine joins the teenagers and I! They like to egg her on .. and the conversations can get interesting! Janine and I always have dessert when we go out .. and what joy was bestowed upon us when our waiter said that since it was MY birthday, the dessert was on the house!! Their deep friend ice cream is literally the best ever! (and .. I have tried many, many kinds .. okay, so maybe the one that I make is slightly better; but for clean up purposes …I’ll gladly eat theirs!) During dinner I got a phone call from an old friend residing in Singapore … HUGE surprise …. icing on the second dessert cake (so to speak) was a call from my high school best friend Julie (see here for a picture and a short story).. she called and sang to me, a tradition she has done for (OMG >>) 24 years!! I hadn’t talked to her in almost a year …so to hear her was just absolutely magnificent.

The one voice I will always miss is my dad’s. Every birthday (and I mean EVERY birthday) he would call me and ALWAYS tell the story of when I was born .. and how the doctors told him I was a boy. Since I was born in Iran, on their New Year’s ..doctors who deliver boys on that day would receive bonus money .. he was proud because he insisted he see me first before paying them.  What can I say?! I’ll do almost anything  to save a buck!!

What a great day today!


Susie said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.

(and of course, I love the story as to why you are thrifty!)

tommie said...

How did I manage to miss a birthday wish to you!!!

I don't think I knew you were born in Iran. I just assumed you were me the short bus!