Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Pa!

September 14 would have been my dad's birthday .. He passed away five years ago this summer .. I miss his phone calls. It always seemed that when he called, I was busy .. and the moment wasn't always right to talk to him, but yet we stayed on the phone.
I remember certain conversations .. one of the last real conversations was
about Iraq .. post 9/11 .. and his thoughts about going into war. He was
a very intelligent man .. knew a lot about everything, always knew better .. He knew how to live .. always made sure to have a good time.
My favorite moments .. riding in the car with him in Holland, while he taught me how gears work (at age 12!) .. I remember his smile at my high school graduation (youngest of four girls .. he was officially done!) .. after a my first heartbreak, he told me in his dutch way "the sun will rise again in the morning" as he sat there with his arm around me. (Please understand .. my dad loved my sisters and I, he just had a difficult time expressing it.) But I loved how he handled that moment, it was quick and brief .. while his voice was calm and reassuring.
I miss him now .. I wish I could talk to him now ... ask him some questions .. hear his thoughts .. .. what would he say to me today?

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