Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fill In ..

1. I enjoy _my glass of red wine!__.

2. _Things happen for reasons .. please show me this one_ is something I wonder about often lately.

3. In your heart, you knew there was no turning back__.

4. Take _vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies, hot fudge sauce and caramel sauce___, add a little _heated big brownie_ and you end up with _my most favorite dessert_(it's almost as good as the 'better-than-sex' cake!!)_.

5. Life has gifted me with _a loving family, life-long friends and strong running legs! ___.

6. __Laying in a tanning bed_ is an instant vacation.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to _wine_, tomorrow my plans include _enduring Ike__ and Sunday, I want to _watch football_!


tommie said...

great minds think alike...I'd join you if I were there.

BTW, we live in a dry county! You can't even buy wine in the stores. You have to to the county over or to the Class VI.

Brandt! said...

oh no .. that wouldn't work for me!! Unless like here you can do the drive-thru margarita pick up!