Saturday, September 20, 2008

What lays ahead on this new ROAD ...

- Road

This is a road that is being built from within our subdivision, leading out to one of the main roads. We have all been really ready for it, because the neighborhood next to us ride up our street to get in and out of our subdivision ... with this road they DO NOT need to drive up our street .. they can get on this road, and exit the subdivision.

Every day we walk on this road .. every day it changes. It reminds me of the "new road that lays ahead ..."

On either side of the road will be more homes, the fourth and final phase of the subdivision. Eventually this road will have little ones riding bikes, and parents screaming "CAR COMING ..." and "SLOW DOWN!! THIS IS A NEIGHBORHOOD"!! There will be new stories on this road ..

I have changes coming in my life .. just like this new road .. where will it take me? what will my stories be?

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