Sunday, September 14, 2008

PhotoStoryFriday ~ on Sunday ..

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

It's that time of year .... the Halloween candy is out .. .. .. I am a believer in "we are what we eat" .... and this weekend I am Candy Corn! I try to eat food that is "natural" .. fresh fruit, fresh vegetables ... balance out the red meat with chicken and fish ... I look at the color of foods ... if it is not a 'natural' color ... than it isn't "real" food ... silly, I know! I heard someone say this past week that corn syrup must be good for you, because it is made from corn .... WELL .. let's follow this thought process ... Candy Corn ... it must be good for you .. it's corn with corn syrup! Look at all those beautiful colors .. corn grows in all colors!(Did you see.. they now grow corn in brown, red and green colors too!)

In order not to deprive myself .. and to remain in balance .. I allow myself one bag of candy corn a year (of course I did share)! So .. a little early this year .. I have successfully succumbed to the sweet sugary taste of Mother nature's very own Candy Corn !


Cecily R said...

My daughter would SO agree with you on this...she is a candy corn fiend!!

And even though I don't share your love for those orange and yellow candies, I do like your logic. I'm all for finding new ways to justify my love of Swedish Fish. They always say fish is good for you...

MamaGeek said...

Candy corn is downright PERFECTION (as are those shots), I MUST try to do a candy corn shot - thanks for the inspiration Brandt!

tommie said...

I didn't know you liked candy corn. I like to put it in one of those tall glass cylinders with a pillar candle. In fact I might do that along my long dining room table. Thanks for the reminder!