Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday 13 - Random Thoughts ..

So this weekend we are moving out of a great transition house. When I realized we were really moving out of Texas, I had about two weeks to find a house that would fit the three of us, plus a dog and a cat. This house fell on us .. the couple that own the house were going to Florida for the winter, and needed to leave a furnished house for five months .. it was perfect for what we needed. Now it’s time to move on .. and I am ready. It is just another one of my forward moving pieces. I am ready to make this next house a home for at least two years. In two years Noah will graduate, and Alet will have one more year left. It’s hard to imagine two years from now .. It’s hard to imagine my son will be graduating!! Then Alet …. ahh! and then??

Whoa .. let’s back up and enjoy the next coming months! So .. here is my Thursday 13 list of the things I am going to enjoy with the thoughts of this new house .. another step to the new beginnings …

Thirteen Random thoughts on the traditional T13 .. if you want to play, click here ..

  1. better start packing! It shouldn’t be too difficult, I tried to leave my boxes alone …. It will be like Christmas again ..!
  2. Some of those boxes were packed in October 2008, and just followed me  from Texas to Maine to Texas to Maine …
  3. Bigger house = more rooms = more privacy!!
  4. My landlord is already scoring the big points .. new washer and dryer, new dishwasher, new fridge .. new laminate floor .. new kitchen …….
  5. April will be busy .. May …summer in sight!
  6. Oh… I found out today that the teenagers are going to Texas for the summer ….. I’m single for the summer!
  7. This summer I’m planning a couple of kayak excursions .. (that’s cause I can!! I’m single for the summer … oh, did I mention that already?!)
  8. I can’t wait to decorate this house .. not that I have a lot of furniture … lol .. one oversized chair! I wouldn’t have been able to fit anymore into my 6 X 12 trailer .. (new beginnings = new furniture!)
  9. Janine can’t complain anymore that I live soooo far out of the way! (it was only four miles extra ..)
  10. I can now step outside and be a stone’s throw from a Chinese restaurant, pizza place, breakfast bakery, the gas station,  my hairdresser, the high school, 1/2 mile walk from the grocery store .. hardware store .. hmmm, we’re missing the local martini and wine bar ..
  11. i wish there was an IKEA store around here …Pier One will work as well …I think I am going to add Asian flavor to this house … we always had several statues of Buddha in our house .. my dad was a collector of many things ..
  12. I’m ready .. the teenagers are ready …
  13. I think it’ll be a good Spring and Summer …

If you find yourself in town .. drop by, bring a bottle of wine .. you’re always welcome ..

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Janine said...

I didn't complain!!