Thursday, November 20, 2008

Running Naked in Maine? .. (hah! .. that got your attention!)

Have you ever played strip poker? Being the good girl that I was raised to be, I have never had the opportunity to play strip poker (maybe I need to rethink that one .. there may have been an attempted adult beverage induced occasion ..).. I do however feel like when I run, I am running 'strip run' .. let me explain: I don't like anything tight on me ... jewellery, clothes .. anything binding ... ugh! So when I run, the less the better.. now add the whole hot body thing ... yup .. I think that idea of being 29 over and over again hits a point where the body decides to adjust the internal temperature, and therefore mine is always hot. It has nothing to do with getting old! (and I do mean the internal temperature.. the external still needs work!) So .. while in Texas I recognized that running became increasing difficult because I was getting so hot .. and therefore I started running before the sun came up and thoroughly enjoyed it for a number of reason:

1. The temps were low and the air was cool

2. I could dance and sing and nobody could see me because it was dark!

3. and because it was dark I could wear whatever I wanted to because no one was up and awake!

I became so used to that running pattern that when it was time for the NIKE 10k Human Race, I went into a panic ... first of all, the race was at 6 pm .. the temps were going to be in the 90's, and to add to it, the running number was the shirt that they had given us ... which meant I had to wear a shirt for the whole race ...ahhhhhhhhh! Well.. rules were meant to be broken ..

Skip and jump to Maine, where the temperatures are drastically cooler. It has been awesome!! The runs have felt so good, and strong. Thanks to NIKE and LL Bean, I have the perfect cold weather running gear .. so much so that even in 20+ degree weather, the contemplation of removing articles of clothing begin to form in my brain.

So this was the weather report this morning when I was getting ready to start the day! Another record low temperature day for running ..No fear .. I have my gear .. by my first half mile my lips were numb. So for the next quarter mile I tried to imagine what it would look like if my lips fell off... the picture wasn't really doing anything positive for me .. sooo I stopped thinking about that! As I approached the second mile I could feel the heat inside the clothes .. so I decided the first set of mittens needed to come off .. (I was wearing two sets .. my fingers loose circulation very quickly ..) the end of mile 2 I gave up, and off came the jacket .. soon after the next set of mittens came off .. the panic was starting to set in, because living in a very conservative town, I don't think the townsmen would have appreciated what I really wanted to do next. Luckily my run was close to it's end, and the reality of running in below freezing weather reminded me that I needed the other body parts to stay in tact .. because a lip-less, and other body part-less woman would look really, really silly!

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tommie said...

I've seen your are totally not giving yourself enough credit.

Love that last pic!