Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thematic Photographic - Broken

Courtesy of Written Inc, this week's theme is Broken.

This is the elevator doors to the ride of Tower of Terror in Disney. One of my biggest fears is elevator rides. While in Disney my kids convinced me to ride the Tower of Terror!! NEVER, NEVER again!! Before the ride started I already apologized for the language that was going to come out of my ever pure mouth! (snicker, snicker!)

I'm not sure when the fear of elevator rides began. I know when we lived in Hong Kong (early 80's), we lived on the sixth floor. The elevator doors on that floor was our front door to the penthouse .. so you couldn't just push the door open to get out, you had to have your key ready to open the door. It must have been the idea of not being able just get out when you got to your floor..

More often than not the elevator had its own issues. Often times it would get stuck between the fifth and sixth floor. I remember one time forcing the door open and climbing out, to jump onto the fifth floor!

Call me a wimp .. what can I say? Broken elevators ..... augh!!

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tommie said...

not sure where I got stuck...but I think it might have been pure mouth! okay, it was fear of elevators....