Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photo Hunt - Breakfast

Thanks to TNChick the photohunt theme is Breakfast!

Yahoo! .. breakfast is my favorite meal of the day .. it is so versatile! There are weekends that it could be pancakes .. blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes .. waffles with strawberry and cream ... eggs and bacon .. omelets, with mmmm feta, black olives and spinach .. or scrambled eggs with salsa .. (uhh, another story different day for that one!) ..almost every morning my ever growing son (he grew another inch since September, which puts him at 5ft8 now!) he asks for an egg sandwich .. bagel with egg, bacon and cheese .... I just LOVE breakfast! (of course a good cup of coffee goes without saying.) Of course not everyone in the family can agree on one particular combination, one wants chocolate chips in their pancakes, and the other wants blueberries .. HOWEVER .. Breakfast tacos is another story!

The whole family will agree on eating Breakfast Tacos: another Texas treat from neighbor A ... home made tortillas, scrabbled eggs .. cheese and bacon. Personally for myself I would do chorizo instead of bacon... yum, yum.

Being in Maine, we have searched high and low for fresh tortillas .. with no luck. Last week I was at the yellow smiley face store, and found whole wheat tortillas.. not the "raw" kind, but also not the generic "other" ready made tortillas .. so this morning we all decided to have breakfast tortillas .. YUM!! They came out pretty good, we decided that the tortillas were a "keeper" .. so PHEW!! we can have breakfast tortillas in Maine!!


sho said...

great looking tortillas!

tommie said...

We are having a hard time finding tortillas here too. I might go by a restrauant and see if they'll sell me some!