Monday, December 1, 2008

Simply Kind Tuesday

So .. once again I borrow and steal from Tuesday Update, Tommie .. who joined Claudia from On A Limb with Claudia who started Simply Kind Tuesdays ... simply put, write about an act of kindness, just to remind us all that kindness does exist around us. (tonight I excel in the English language with my improper use of grammar and run on sentences!)

So, I sit here thinking of random acts of kindness .. contemplating what I have seen recently or in the past .. the ones that have come to mind the most, of which I would want to share. I thought it would be appropriate to write about the one act of kindness that has stood out in my mind for over a year .. and since I have been borrowing and stealing from Tommie .. I am going to mention Muffin Monday as a random act of kindness. While living in Texas, Tommie was my neighbor, and one day to pass her Monday afternoons, and to keep the kids preoccupied, she started this wonderful baking tradition .. Muffin Monday. Every Monday, Tommie and the kids would deliver half a dozen (or so) freshly baked, hot out of the oven, muffins .... she would make a batch, and disperse it amongst the privileged few ... it became so much of a tradition, that if per chance a Monday was skipped ... the privileged few would start gathering on the street, asking the other "did you get your muffins?" (we all have children that would answer the door, and if the adult of the house wasn't in ... sometimes the muffins would disappear before the adults could share in this moment of joy!) So first we needed to give Tommie the benefit of the doubt .. and hope that the kids ate the muffins, and not think that perhaps today would be the day that we would discover that Muffin Monday was over.. True to Tommie's word .. we never missed out .. there were times Muffin Monday would fall on a Tuesday because Monday wasn't meant to be for muffins due to whatever can happen when spouses are deployed, and you are the only caretaker of two young children ...

To bring it back to Random Acts of Kindness .. Tommie's Act of Kindness was yet another way to distract us from deployment .. it was also a form of adventure, because we never knew what type of muffin would stimulate our taste buds .. and best of all, it was just another way to know that we had all built friendships that will be treasured 4-ever!!


tommie said...

Oh girlie, you are going to make me cry!
I was happy to do it. The kids loved it....and I do think most of the muffins were good. BTW, which ones are your favorite?

I just thought it was hilarious that on your way to Maine you passed through on a Monday. The stars were aligned I tell you!

miss you,

On a limb with Claudia said...

What a lovely post! Thanks for joining our little group of kind people. I will add you today to the blog roll.

Any friend of Tommie's has got to be a fabulous person!