Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Simply Kind Tuesdays

Thanks to Claudia .. for Simply Kind Tuesdays ... this is where I attempt to demonstrate a random act of kindness! Today was quite a crazy day .. I realized it was Tuesday .. and out loud I said to the teenagers that I needed to blog about a simple act of kindness .. they laughed and said "you can write that you didn't kill us today .. that was your act of kindness!" ... ha ha! So .. here go: This morning I told both children that I wanted everyone home, so that we could have dinner together .. so when I walked in, I was ready to get dinner started, and spend the evening home with my guys. Well ... upon my horror, on the kitchen counter I found a letter addressed to "the parents of Noah .." ... ugh .. my thoughts ran rampant! I hate these types of letters .. NEVER did my parents EVER have to see letters like that about me! So .. to prevent major embarrassment for Noah .. let's just say that he received a very stern talking to ... and I will be calling the school tomorrow ... *sigh!*
Once we were done with that conversation, my darling little girl came bounding into the kitchen at 5pm. "MOM!" she said ... "we need to go shopping .. I need tan pants .. I have a concert !!" [Deep breath..] "We don't need to go now, I want to make dinner .. when is your concert?" ... "Tonight! ...at 6:30!" ....*double exasperated sigh!*
So .. the good news .. I had a pair of pants that could hold her over .. I was able to make, and we all enjoyed dinner .. and we were out the door .. ON TIME!
So back to Simply Kind .. both Noah and Alet said that my act of kindness was the fact that I didn't "kill them"


tommie said...

That is kind! I love that shot of you and Alet. You look so happy.

On a limb with Claudia said...

ahahahahahahaha! Sometimes the most kind thing we do is what we don't do.

Well done!