Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday 13 .. Random thoughts

I love thursday13 (T13) .. mostly because it is a list 'thing' .. and it is random .. soo, random thoughts tonight!

  1. I need to get to work; the longer I blog, the later I stay up

  2. The Office is on .. another procrastination to work!

  3. Alet is phenomenal at healing .. she had four impacted wisoms removed, and her i-teeth exposed ... this morning! She wanted to go bathing suit shopping tonight!

  4. Run?! I'm not going to the gym tomorrow ... oh wait .. I haven't gone all week! S-L-U-G

  5. However, I did run 12 on Saturday ....(and here I thought it was 11.5~!)

  6. Friday tomorrow!

  7. Kayak this weekend ... they are saying 80's April in Maine !! K-A-Y-A-K!

  8. Note to self: go out back and harvest from the money tree .. that is where the money comes from right?! It's what the kids must think ...

  9. Not sure if I like my haircut .. bangs.. what do I do with them?

  10. The world is our playground ... watched Yes Man today ..

  11. Can I go to sleep .. I am soooo tired ..

  12. Tell Alet to go to bed .. I want to go to bed!

  13. I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow ... K-A-Y-A-K this weekend

1 comment:

tommie said...

Who is Alet spelling "I heart ??" ..

I hope you get your kayak out this weekend.