Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday 13 .. Thirteen Things in April

It's the last thursday of the month .. time for Thirteen Things in April... stolen in it's original form from Janet of T13 ...

  1. Picture of: Alet took this picture of herself ... my girl is so talented! She should be taking the photography class .. not me!

  2. Current Scent: I still am not burning candles .. but have had the scented oil with bamboo sticks in a jar ... Fresh Fig from Pier 1

  3. What I am reading: trying to understand photography

  4. Newest music added to my playlist: ahh.. Noah's zune .. Disturbed, Saliva .. Korn?!?

  5. Movies I saw: Duplicity with Bob (was disappointed)

  6. Something yummy I made: I made Arlene's Potato Chowder for Alet.. her favorite

  7. The last place I ate out: Muddy Rudder .. we sat out on the deck!

  8. Something that made me cry: Easter Sunday .. too many truths came out

  9. Something that made me laugh: when I was trying to be stealth-like, and I leaned into the horn of the truck, accidentally!

  10. Something I look forward to in May: K-A-Y-A-K ... sunshine

  11. Something I am thankful for: being healthy.. I finally broke the 10 mile barrier, and ran 12 miles last Saturday!! (the last time I ran this many miles in one day was 1991!)

  12. Something I want to remember this month: How brave Alet was when she had her wisdom teeth removed (and then I made her go to school after 4 days, while her face was still swollen! Is she scarred forever?)

  13. A photo I took this month:
I miss the Texas sunsets .. another quest .. finding the perfect sunset in Maine.

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