Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday fill in ..a little late

1. Moving _again, back to Texas, and this time I will enjoy what Texas has to offer. I have learned that Maine will always be "home" to me, and it will always be here... __.
2. _The simple things in life are _ free. (Well ... okay, sometimes an initial investment, like a kayak .. but then the paddling is free!)
3. My best quality is _(augh..struggle, struggle ..) I'm a good listener .....(what did you say?)_.
4. _Pay attention to the little _ details.
5. In nearly 10 years, _I'll be 50! That just seems so unreal .. my sisters are the older ones ... not me!__.
6. _Good motivation to run on a more consistent basis_ is what I need right now!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _Chinese food, and a movie with Noah_, tomorrow my plans include _going to the dump (yippee!), a modified run, and some photo opportunities__ and Sunday, I want to _go on a road trip for more photo opportunities or Kayak?____! ..and holiday Monday ... relax and enjoy Memorial Day (can I squeeze kayak here?).

Have a Happy Memorial Weekend ..... summer is here .... YEAH!!!! (oh wait, that means school vacation .... hmmm!)

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Billy Rhythm said...

I've been thinking a little about moving to Texas too. Though I love Maine, it's starting to turn into something that isn't me.