Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday 13 .. things that irritate me ..

Okay … so it’s Thursday again .. and thanks to Janet and Megan, join me on T13 …. I have been terrible with keeping up with my blog. Running and blogging must go hand in hand .. I have been terrible with running as well. I’m not sure what this phase is called, and how long it will last … it is certainly scaring me since I am eating a lot, and running NOT!  Every morning when that wonderful alarm goes off, I either don’t hear it .. or I just can’t get myself to acknowledge that it is “that time” .. and going to the  gym now seems so … ‘ugh’ … with the weather getting warmer, it gets stuffier and stuffier… and now for some reason, people find it necessary to climb on the tread mill beside me instead of using the others that stand lonely and still on the other side. Don’t crowd me! (unless of course we know each other and I like you .. also wouldn’t hurt if you look good when you run!! LOL) In reality I should go run outside .. and hopefully, very shortly I will find the motivation again. (If it isn’t the motivation, maybe it will be my brand sparkling new running shoes! )

So .. Thursday 13, traditionally the favorite day of meme’s .. I asked my loving son what type of list I should create .. and he told me to come up with the 13 things that irritate me .. hmmmm! So here it goes:

  1. Dog hair -  or lint on my clothes.
  2. Barking dog .. Bruce has a knack of barking when I am on the phone. Or he barks when he wants to eat. .. he just barks randomly.  RMay0909 029
  3. Noise … tonight Alet has her girlfriend over .. together they have eaten 10 lbs of sugar .. then combine it with Noah .. the Xbox skateboard game .. a dog all in a small room …. it’s very noisy in my house tonight!
  4. Office politics
  5. People who judge … don’t judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes
  6. Walking into a messy house ~ unfortunately my teenagers haven’t learned to clean up after themselves .. so more often than not I come home to a messy house ….. augh!
  7. Rap music … especially when there is poor grammar and mispronunciation involved …. “AKS” instead of ASK
  8. Can we talk politics??
  9. People who whine and complain ….. … .. oh, wait!
  10. Boy … this is harder than I thought .. Alet pointed out a few things I should write .. but I told her it wouldn’t be appropriate ..
  11. Sunday drivers … not that I am a speedster … just a woman driver with a purpose … move over!
  12. Wet, cold, windy days … not much you can do with those .. (a night like tonight …)(…. well wait! I guess you can start a fire… and warm up the house! ..)
  13. Plugged toilet ….  if you plug it up … unplug it! Take ownership, man! (and slow down on the toilet paper! One square is enough … LOL!!!!!!! just kidding!)

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