Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday 13 .. Thirteen Things in May

The last Thursday of the month ..thirteen things in May, stolen in it's original form from Janet at T13 .. here we go:

  1. Picture of: Boothbay Harbor

  2. Aletta took this picture while we were in Boothbay Harbor .. isn't she just awesome?

  3. Current Scent: I'm not a big perfumey person .. (although I love a well scented man!) .. so I rarely wear perfume .. maybe a spritz of China Blossom from Bath and Body ..

  4. What I am reading: Sigh .. reading? a book?

  5. Newest music I added to my playlist: I just added Second Chance by Shinedown

  6. Movies I saw: Star Trek .. thank goodness for Noah .. he had to keep telling me what was going on .. I couldn't get into the past and future thing ...

  7. Something Yummy: ..ahhh .. we specifically bought fudge from a great store in Greenville

  8. The Last Place I ate out at: Noah, Alet and I went to the Black Frog .. in Greenville..

  9. Something that made me cry: ahhh ... really? ..what about the latest recommendation to wear push up bras because the girls were hanging a little low .......? This recommendation came from none other than ..... Aletta. ... I love my daughter!

  10. Something that made me laugh: the sight of the tall grass in the yard .. I need to mow the lawn!

  11. Something that I look forward to in June: oh .. so much to do, to see, to explore .. to take pictures of ... and I still have to set my kayak in ...and then at the end of the month .. Texas

  12. Something I am thankful for: the ability and opportunity of being here these last 7 months.

  13. Something I want to remember this month: This was probably the most defining month in the last 6 months .. lots of up and downs .. laughs and tears .. realizations and recognitions ..

  14. A photo I took this month: for our photography class I have been taking several ... but I realized our cat rarely makes it in ..

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