Saturday, May 2, 2009

Something to be passionate about ..

So, my first homework assignment in my photography class is to take four or five pictures of “something that you feel passionate about” . Relatively easy I thought to myself…

Thursday was a beautiful day, the sun was out .. 70’s April, for Maine’s summer! All I could think about was kayaking .. I wanted to be outside .. my mind wandered about picture taking “something I feel passionate about …” Then it occurred to me .. how do I take four or five pictures of something I am passionate about? Is there such a thing as being passionate about an object? .. Doesn’t passionate go with emotion? Was this a trick assignment? Did he mean to take pictures of an object .. or of a thought …… ?

So, fast forward to today .. during my long run, I went back to the thoughts of my homework assignment, and knowing I would be able to take pictures this afternoon …… but of what? I started questioning the whole idea of “what am I passionate about?”. I made a mental list .. the things I feel passionate for are intangible; I feel passion for being healthy, making sure I eat healthy, (and yes, wine and chocolate equate to healthy eating .. it’s all in the balance!) that I exercise regularly (and have recovery days!!) and that I don’t deprive myself of sleep.

I am passionate about living .. making that bucket list, and crossing things off. Alet once said “if you aren’t living on the edge you’re taking up too much space ..” Obviously there is a time and place for everything, however, life is not a dress rehearsal, live life!

Sooo… meanwhile, I am still running, and notice the scenery .. an island of tulips .. beautiful yellow, orange and red .. right on the Main Road ..note to self: come back and take a picture; and that’s when it hit me. In photo taking, I am passionate about simple, natural beauty. I love to find Mother Nature’s surprises and capture them. Now I just need to get good at it, and make sure the picture does it justice!

RMay209 006

RApril 25 09 013

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