Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a great weekend!

We had a crazy weekend .. now that the move to Texas is a few short weeks away, I have gone into over drive to ensure that I have all the experiences and pictures to last me until the next time we come back for a visit.

Being a long weekend, we would take advantage of that extra day off, and so we decided that going to the coast would be a great place to take pictures .. so off to Boothbay Harbor we went.

We had a great time .. we stopped and had lunch, and then decided to get ice cream. Standing there, waiting in line, I was doing what I love .. people watching, when suddenly I recognized a guy walking by .. I ran out of the ice cream shop .. my kids totally dismayed with the idea that I had just desserted the line we were in (no pun!), and started looking for what I knew would be a beautiful blonde lady.... and there she was! I yelled out "Kris?!?" .. low and behold ... friends of ours that we hadn't seen in 10 years ... They had come up from Massachusetts .. for the day to Boothbay Harbor .. our stars were in alignment ... it was so good to see them. We stood for 15 minutes trying to recapture all that lost time. It was soooo great to see them!


tommie said...

How fun! You both look so happy. A few weeks....definitely plan on stopping here. I'll even make muffins.

Brandt! said...

yummm your muffins!