Monday, January 26, 2009

Manic Monday ...

What gives you hope?
That fact that the sun will shine again tomorrow ..

How often do you get your haircut? Describe your worst haircut.
How often SHOULD I get it cut, and when do I really do it? I should cut it every 6 weeks .. but I go about 8-9 weeks .. i think! It is such a production, it takes me that long to prepare! LOL
Worst haircut?? When I was 14 .. the haircut was really, really short .. my sweet sister kept trying to tell me that it looked really good .. I don't have any pictures .. so I don't know!

What's your most treasured piece of jewelry? Why?
Isn't that funny ... I was thinking about that yesterday .. I don't know if I have a "most" .. I would feel to guilty~it's like picking a favorite child! I am not a big jewelery person ..(not to say I don't like it! ;) .. right now all I wear is my watch, I have a bacio bracelet with two beads.... and sometimes I wear a necklace that my mom used to wear.


Fleur de Lisa said...

I have a ring that I love that my mom used to wear but I can't wear it because it's way too big for me.

tommie said...

I thought you would say your bracelet that you and your sissies have.

Janet said...

I love bacio bracelets :-)