Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday

So .. here is a new blog (for me) that I stumbled upon when I went to check out Pamela's blog after she checked out my blog .. She mentioned Carla Blaze's Zena Moon's website, and how Carla went on a 30 day personal journey "she called My Sacred Life
wherein she posted daily a photo from her daily life capturing something that connected her to Spirit, like her prayer beads, candles, family, her garden, etc. "
Interesting is what I thought .. part of what I love about taking pictures is the ability to capture a moment that strikes a chord inside... almost bringing to life what stirs from within. (Pretty deep, and that is without wine!)

So... not that I will attempt a 30 day journey, but perhaps a weekly journal with a picture of an item or a scene that makes my inner self celebrate. The first picture that came to my mind was this one:
This is my kayak .. it is probably one of my most prized possession (along with the paddle and life jacket of course!). On our ride from Texas to Maine, my kayak was nestled nicely in it's cradle. In New York we encountered snow .. and I remember looking up through the sunroof at my kayak and feeling a pang of guilt that this poor kayak had to endure the cool weather!This is Julie who introduced me to kayaking almost 10 years ago. There are too many stories to tell of our adventures .. after many paddling adventures, she decided to upgrade, and I decided to buy my own .. so together we bought our kayaks 7 years ago.

My kayak represents peace and serenity. When I push off, and feel the kayak slide into the water, there is an instant calmness. There is nothing like a quiet journey on the lake. I can't wait for spring and summer ..


tommie said...

this really made me stop and think...I know you connect to your running and your kayek...Poor kayek, did it get much use in TX?

Does Maine offer more kayaking opportunities??? May the peace be with you.


Brandt! said...

I went twice in Texas .. and YES there are sooo many beautiful places to go kayaking in Maine.