Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday 13 - Mind game..

So .. it's Thursday .. time to play T13 .. or Thursday 13, a list of 13 on Thursday .. so I am borrowing from Janet . .. and since this has been a crazy week .. here are 13 things on my mind:
  1. Instead of blogging, I should really be doing some work!
  2. "Who Knew.." P!nk is playing in the background of my mind ..
  3. ahhhh .. Friday tomorrow ... no getting up for the gym ...ahhhhhh
  4. My best run EVER today ... loooove it!
  5. I'm tired .. would like to go to bed now!
  6. "until we meet again .. " wow .. that song keeps going on in my mind .. I'll have to add a clip from you tube or something ..
  7. the house smells like lasagna .. Fat Friday tomorrow .. as if we need more food in the office. But we like to eat.. and talk .. and laugh, and oh yes, work. Today was a "tough" day .. the people that called weren't very nice today, I was actually hung up on .. I was told to "get it right" and then he hung up on me! Oh yes .. that really makes me want to "get it right" for him! I'm glad I was able to relieve some of his stress today! "Get it right!" ~ as if!
  8. I probably should vacuum .. Bruce's hair is everywhere .. drives me crazy!
  9. Is it too late to pour a glass of wine .. ?
  10. Haha .. just told the kids (" " I should put quotations around 'kids') that it's 9:36pm.. time for bed ... bed ... I looove my bed .. it is so comfortable, and warm. I need to get a different blanket .. Bruce has chewed on mine (grrr)
  11. Oh, make sure to let co-worker R know I'll be in at 9 .. text, text ..
  12. have P!nk's abs ... I need to start my crunches again .. running only, isn't enough to build them ... getting old!
  13. number 13 .. favorite number! I'm going to bed .. I'm sleepy now.

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