Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 13 - Happy

So it's Thursday again ... time for Thursday 13... this time I am going to take Megan's idea of 13 things that make me happy ... I don't think they will be in the order of what makes me happy ... that, once again, is like picking a favorite child ... I think things make you happy for different reasons .. so they are random 13 happy things! Okay .... GO!
1. An accomplished run (of course I had to put that in there!)
2. warm brownie with Oreo cookie ice-cream topped with caramel and hot fudge sauce (especially after an accomplished run!)
3. hearing Noah and Aletta belly laugh
4. a walk on a crisp fall day ..
5. unloading my kayak off my truck getting ready to paddle in a lake anywhere in Maine! (hmm.. that could count as 4!)
6. being around my sisters
7. a long no-destination-in-mind night time drive
8. red wine (i could really expand on this .. name the wine; name the company; the amount of wine; food complimenting the wine; the list goes on and on ..)
9. a big snow storm on a weekend!
10. the idea of being on a warm beach in Aruba .. (or is it a chalet with a fireplace at SugarLoaf??)
11. shoes .... (and boots ... running shoes .. too many to choose from!)
12. girlfriend time
13. Michael Buble's "Everything"


graywolfie said...

Ooo..I love girlfriend time too..
Just watched a movie with my girlfriend last wk..its so good to be able to complete a movie without having a little one calling 'Mummy' @ every 5 mins..hahaa..

Anonymous said...

Nioce happy list! Happy TT! Up with WoW in Thornesworld

tommie said...

You know I love me some girlfriend time as well!

I don't even like red wine, but I stock it because of you..

miss you