Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh Sweet Child of Mine ...

So, a few weeks ago we celebrated Noah's birthday. I think as moms (and dads, I am sure!) we always reflect on our children's birthday, and remember the shining moment they entered the world. I loved being pregnant with him .. As a baby he was so much fun(still is).. he was always happy and social (he has his moments still!!).

My sister had told me for years that Noah is an old soul. He can be very reflective and very wise. Most times(!) he has a calm energy around him.. when he isn't yelling "HEAD SHOT!!" while playing that box-X game!

He wasn't a big Emergency Room child .. we have had a few .. some minor, and one major. ... two broken wrists, stitches .. broken teeth know, the usual for an active boy! His pain tolerance is off the scale. When he had broken his wrist, the ER sent him home because he claimed that on a pain scale of 1-10 (10 being in major pain) he was "oh, a 4" .. and when he was gasping for air during a major asthma attack, he told the doctor he felt "okay" ..(that landed him in ICU for 2 days!)

So this birthday hit me the hardest .. he turned 15 .. still a youth, almost a young man . I am still trying to decide why this is the difficult birthday .. I think seeing him tower over me, is a reminder that he is growing up.. that in three and a half years he will be finished with high school .. his goal is West Point and a sniper for the US Marines ... ! {deep breath}

ahhh! Where did the time go?

First day of Kindergarten

Hiking in Acadia

Summer of 2005

Happy birthday Noah! I am sorry it took me a little longer to write this blog.

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tommie said...

Happy birthday!! I do hope your birthday wish came true.