Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Different way to do it!

This week I am combining two memes ... I don't know if there are official rules or not ... but here it goes!
Photohunter is brought to you by TNChick .. basically a theme is given for Saturday, post a picture about the theme ... simple! I haven't participated in a loooong time, but I thought this (past) week's theme was easy .."four" ..
The other meme is Zena Musings Sacred Life Sunday .. modified version of what makes my innerself celebrate ...
So when I hear the word four, I can't help but think of my sisters ... I don't know if it is because I always heard "four girls" ... "four daughters" ....
My sisters make my innerself celebrate! They are magnificent women ... what makes it difficult is that we literally live world's apart .. one sister in Massachusetts, one in Amsterdam and one in Manila ..... *sigh*
I have a different relationship with each one, as each one is so different from the other, yet when you put us all together we blend like oreos and ice cream! (You have no idea how long it took me to think of that!)
We were able to get together last year in Amsterdam. It was probably one of the best trips I have ever had ... it was something we needed to do .. and hope to do every year.

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tommie said...

I don't think I have ever noticed how you and the other sis in the middle look similiar...and the two on the ends do as well!

Do they know you blog?