Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday 13 .. Random thoughts

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I love Thursday Thirteen .. a meme to share and have fellow bloggers know more about you .. link in at T13 right here!

So, today is Thursday .. end of the week. By now I am usually tired from the week .. and so my brain begins to chatter. I have been thinking about what 13 items I could write about, and I just couldn't settle with all that chatter .. so here are my random thoughts again ..

  1. Augh .. 6:53pm .. I haven't started dinner yet ..I am tired! Noah will be asking pretty soon "what's for dinner" .. how about breakfast for dinner?! I can always pull out the faithful George and his grill.. he makes great burgers!

  2. "I'm safe .. up high ... " the song in my head. Sober by P!nk. It's a great running song. Usually I hope that it shuffles on during the last mile to push me through.

  3. I did 6 today .. felt really good .. I'm sore though. Co-worker R and I have started something different .. we have incorporated weight training .. it's a little scary for me, because I have had to sacrifice a running day to do weights. I'll get withdrawals ...

  4. I read in Runner's World how the "older" we get the harder the recuperating phase is .. they used 35 yrs as the starting point for "old" ... w-t-h? so... does that make me ancient?

  5. Saturday I will be 39 again .. and again, and again! Okay.. not really- 43! I have a picture of my mom at 43.. I was 12 ... I thought she was old then ...Alet is 13 .. she tells me I am getting "old and crippled" AUGH! I don't feel old ... that must count for something!

  6. I'm cold .. the sun felt good today .. it was almost 50 leaving work .. woohoo!

  7. I have to do some work .. and then bed .. I have been averaging 5 hours of sleep at the most ..way too little

  8. Friday tomorrow ... Saturday .. long run

  9. I need to change my music on my shuffle .. oh wait! I lost my I-tunes library .. RAWR! As Alet says, time for new music

  10. So George and his grill won out .. I ate a burger .. that is twice now in a month (last time prior to that must have been close to 8 months, if not longer ..) Noah had his burger with cheese and bacon .. ugh .. good fuel for tomorrow!

  11. Contacts are dry .. I need to go to yellow-smiley-face store and buy another box of CL's ..

  12. Noah needs more jeans .. I think he grew another inch or so ... he was showing me how short his jeans were getting ... they are only 5 months old!!!

  13. Love the number 13 .. (okay .. I like 5 too!)

Happy Thursday!

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