Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photo Story Friday .. Happy Box

PhotoStory Friday
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While at work on Friday, I received a phone call from my son:
"Mom, there is an M&M box at the door .. I must open it."
me: "Is your name on it?"
son: "No.."
me: "who's name is on the box?"
son: "yours .."
me: "ahh, so it is my box ... you can't open it."
son: "but mom ... I really must have it .. "
me: "son, I am sorry, it is mine! It is for my birthday .. you will have to wait."
*side note: never stand between a mother and her M&M's*

When I opened the door, and saw the box, it just reminded me of a Happy Box!

Who wouldn't be happy to be welcomed home with a box like that on the counter?

AND ... on top of that .. personalized M&M's!!

My sister is so awesome ..

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