Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday #4

It's Sunday again .. and thanks to Carla's Sacred Life Sunday
and her blog about what connects her to her Spirit .. in my modification, I will post weekly for the next 30 weeks (well.. this is my fourth post .. so 26 more weeks), pictures of what makes my inner self celebrate ..

I did skip a few weeks, but that is because I had a valid excuse ..but just because I didn't put fingers to keyboard, didn't mean that my mind stopped thinking about the stuffs that make my inner self celebrate.

Music is another connector to what makes my inner self celebrate .. how do I post it in picture form? Nevertheless, music has always been a huge influence .. from the time my parents gave me my first tape recorder on my 12th birthday .. to the Ipod Shuffle given to me on Mother's day three years ago ( technology has changed even in the three years!) ..  my first cassette tape was Donny and Marie Osmond .. favorite song "When the deep purple falls ....." (ouch!) .. ahh yes, I blame my oldest sister for the Osmond influence .. she was a HUGE Osmond fan.

Because music strikes such a deep chord (....!), it is always fun to play "name that tune and what year?" .. Major events are marked with song ... It's amazing how I could be driving and a song can just bring me right back to that place. 

Music helps me out of those not-so-nice mood(Everything - Michael Buble) ... and it certainly puts a bounce in my step when I run to  (Mr Blue Sky - ELO).. the kids make fun of me most of the time.. I can’t wait for the day when they will reminisce …!

When my laptop died, all of my I-tunes died with it.. so now I am trying to recoup my lost songs … *sigh!* Guess it’s like cleaning out the closet .. some songs had to go .. make room for new ones.


tommie said...

were you ever able to recover your Itunes library. Husband had to download some program, but he recovered mine when my laptop died.

Let me know if he can help you.

Pamela said...

It's so true that music brings you to another time and place, just like scent. I hope you're able to recover all of your iTunes!