Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Rant ..

Today I am going to stand on my soap box and rant about FB. There is such a love-hate relationship with it, that I think I am finally deciding to call it quits. The relationship started about a little over a year ago, and like all new relationships it was fun and exciting. I got to "see" friends I hadn't seen in over 20 years .. catch up with a few .. keeping things very surface with some. I even had the ability to connect with my first "real" love! We talked about the last 25 years .. compared our married lives, and yes we even talked on the phone .. it was nice to catch up and move on.
At times, the updates can get a little much .. not sure if all that information is pertinent .. but, okay .. it's FB chatter. About six months ago someone misused my FB, and actually went through me to get to someone else .. which left me feeling almost violated .. so, I "deactivated" my account.
Last month I decided to start a new account .. new name, new person .. this time I would take more control and not allow too many in. HAH!! What a joke! >>Here comes my rant:
Those little magic 'security' buttons .. aren't much for security .. if someone wants to find you, they can! If it's not through your page, they can search through others and still find you (see above).. and then make requests to be friends .. what if you don't EVER want to be friends?
Then add insult to the injury..  the blocking thing!
I'm not one for small talk .. surface stuff .. if we are going to be friends .. let's be friends. But to pick and choose how to be friends.. why bother .. if you can't be real, don't be my friend.
I suppose I can delete the friendship ..and keep my other "friends" .. but what does that say in real life?
"Good morning world, today I choose to 'delete' Friend X because  ... just because .."
I think I'll leave FB to my kids .. let it be their arena for social networking.... with all the technological  accessibility, the common courtesy of a basic friendship has reached a level that is too simplistic for me.
For them it means nothing to delete and start over  .. for me it means too much.
... end of rant<<

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I blogged about this last week. I'm still in, but sometimes it just seems like another way to get your feelings hurt.

That's a gorgeous photo above.