Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Okay .. so here is my first "tackle it Tuesday" .. the goal is to every Tuesday, tackle and accomplish SOMETHING ... so since I only just discovered this meme at 9:15pm, ... I had to reflect into my day and think about what I did today that may constitute as a "tackled-Tuesday" ...... hmmm.... ... well, last week I discovered the art of eBay! I was in need for some supplies for my scrap booking habit (a habit that has been on a three year hiatus) and next thing I know .. I was bidding on a Lladro polar bear ... (and won it yesterday!!) Well .. the sweet taste of winning something ...then today .. oh no, another "win" .... this time it was for my original reason ...oh yes, that scrapbook habit! ....So, I found myself hoping to win that last item, and then closing the eBay tab .. remove the button off my yahoo Google bar, basically being DONE with eBay! OKAY .. I did one out of three ..I closed the tab .. and moved the eBay button behind Runner's World (now so it is not the first button on the bar) .. AND I am done .. no more bidding on eBay!
I will promise to have a better tackled Tuesday next week ..


tommie said...

I should have let you clean out my scrapping stuff inthe garage. I was just thinking I would finish the kids books, then be done with scrapping!

We did one muffin Monday while at my mom's ....it just wasn't the same!

miss you!!

tommie said...

what did you tackle this week??