Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Recap ..

The weekend flew by .. this weekend must have been the technical issue weekend. On Friday and Saturday the phone stopped working .. on Saturday my cell phone did strange and foreign things (kind of like the behavior of teenage children!) My new dog hurt my prized possession, the laptop .... so on Sunday I trekked out to the store that fixes computers (the desktop stopped working a week prior..)and also to the cell phone store. This was not on the list of things to do for the weekend .. the computer store worked their magic, at no charge .. and the cell phone is 30 days past it's manufacturer's warrantee, so a phone call had to wait until Monday. At this point I decided to go home and lay out in the sun ..

Saturday the kids and I did go to the cookout for deploying soldiers .. we manned the bouncy room for the little, little ones .. I did get to have quiet time on both Friday night and Saturday night .. with my glass of Red Diamond Merlot .. a nice full body wine. Sunday came and went .. I did get to run again 9pm! This Texas heat is insane, and we are only in the beginning of June!! I guess there should be no complaints .. coming from 20 years in New England ... having 90 degree weather days in May still astounds me! (it was wearing shorts in January that really got me!!!)

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