Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday 13

In keeping with the ABC ...with the first Thursday 13.. the letter W

1. the first one that came to mind: Wine .. My favorites are Rodney Strong and J Lohr .. I'm hoping with summer here we can have wine nights outside again

2. I love to Walk .. the longer, the better
3. After not having seen my mother in a couple of years, she pointed out very nicely that I have Wrinkles ... she didn't just say it once .. but quite a few times! Thanks Ma!

4. Wicked! Not in the way Merriam Webster describes it; the New England way "Wicked Good!"

5. Why? Aren't you tempted at times to just keep asking WHY?

6. Wandering Stranger by Lionel Ritchie (yes..... I admit it!)One of my most favorite songs for as long as I can remember.

7. A new addition to the family .. Demi the Weimaraner .. this is one of those times I ask "WHY?"
8. We have two Windchimes that wake me up during the night .. It's my early warning system when the weather is bad and I am wondering if we have a tornado warning.

9. Winding Mountain Roads remind me of driving in a convertible with my bf C in Vermont!

10. I love the long ceiling to floor windows we have in this house .. so does Bruce.
11. I curse at Windy days ... I learned that from my other bf J ... she hates them .. it messes up her hair ... it makes my runs harder!
12. Runner's World .. love their magazine, one of my "ahhh" moments, and their website is great too.
13. lastly ... Winters in Maine .. can't believe I am going to say it .... I miss them!

Happy Thursday! We are one day closer to Friday .. the weekend!! (Hey .. another W)

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