Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday 13 - Letter X

1. eXcellence in customer service ... one of my passions!

2. X-Ray - We have certainly seen enough of those with our "I-think-I-can-skateboard" son .. .. can we be done now?

3. Xanadu - okay ... who remembers?? Olivia Newton John? "Suddenly" (who will admit??)

4. eXtreme disappointment - as I watch Game 4 with a 20 point deficit for the Celtics .. but eXtreme relief for the 6 point win!! 97 - 91!!

5. eXercise - I need to get a better pattern ... pushing that snooze button isn't working for me!

6. Generation teXt - ... my kids are Generation teXt ...4560 text messages in one month for my daughter ... thank goodness for unlimited teXt packages!

7. inboX - I love my Outlook eXpress .. especially the inboX

8. Xbox - it's a love-hate relationship

9. Every morning I wake up and think I should do the p90X and become lean like my bf J .. oh those abs!!

10. Xterra - this was my dream SUV for a long time! .. but then I found my Avalanche!

11. Xylophone - okay ... so I am grasping now!

12. Xena warrior princess - thought I would want to look like her ... strong and seXy!

13. Xmas - i was told in third grade at Dalat School .. never to cut Christ out of Christmas or else ... so to this day I do not write Christmas abbreviated!
The weekend is nearing ... woohooo!!

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tommie said...

My grandma told me the same thing about Christmas....I feel guilty if I do abbreviate it!