Sunday, June 29, 2008

Water, water

Saturday's photo hunt was WATER .. well, we spent all day Saturday floating down stream on rented tubes .. or TOOBS as it was written everywhere. Alet was invited to a birthday party, and the parents had asked for more adult volunteers (.. hmmmmm 4 teenage girls and 2 teenage boys.. a scary thought!) So, we made a day out of it .. our neighbor A and her husband R went as well... It was quite interesting. We were told that you rented a tube and float downstream for 2 hours, and if interested .. you could rent a tube that held a cooler and you could bring "beverages" ..WELL, let me think this over ... SUN (one of my favorites), FLOATING IN WATER (like Kayaking ... HUGE favorite), "beverages" ...(hmmm, reminds me of many kayak expeditions with friend J and "beverages") .. this was starting to sound really, really good! So we all departed at 8:45 AM and after a long ride we arrived at NewBraunfels and the Comal River. Like told, we rented our TOOBS .. slathered on the sunscreen (most of us, some of us had tanning oil) and off we went carrying the TOOBS down to the starting point of the two hour floating experience of a life-time! This river is spring fed, so technically clean and fresh .. .. .. it was an interesting experience. The first time floating down was quite nice .. the water was refreshing, it wasn't so crowded .. we were able to stay together .. at least somewhat. We decided that the first float was a good one, "let's do it again .." ... so we loaded the TOOBS onto the back of the shuttle bus, and off we went again. At this point, it was past lunch time on a Saturday .. so obviously the crowd had gotten bigger ..and more like the Daytona's beach scene.

We set in once again, this time everywhere you looked there were TOOBS with coolers... and floating college kids with beers in their hands. As we were floating .. I started thinking (and this is when you don't want to think too much ... and probably the problem was that my "beverage" was plain old WATER..) .. so my thought was .. "okay, we are all floating down the river, for two hours .. certainly we don't stop for the potty breaks .. there are MANY beer drinkers here ...hmm, catch my drift (no pun intended!)

Needless to say when it came time for us to exit the river.. I was ready to be done. Next month we will do it again, because Alet wants her birthday party there too!! Maybe I too will have to have a "beverage" to enjoy the floating experience!

When the photo hunt was for water .. I thought of this one .. my cat loves to sit in the kitchen sink and sip her water from the faucet. I know it is not the best thing to have a cat up in your kitchen sink ...

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