Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday fill in ..

ffi It's Friday again .. time to do Friday fill in...

1. I'm _always hungry_, I'm _always looking for something sweet_, I _need to create the ultimate fat free, low carb, high protein, low calorie, healthy, non fattening, keep your belly full type of muffin or cookie ____.
2. Why do I have _only one bottle of red____ and not _a wine cellar?____.
3. How does this _Vista____ work, anyway?
4. Every morning, I put _four shades of eyeshadow___ on my _eyelids... does that make me high maintenance?_ ___.
5. I consider myself lucky because _I have great kids, a job I enjoy, fabulous friends, good health and strength .
6. One day we’ll see _the reason for this chaos!____.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to playing taxi for skier son_, tomorrow my plans include _9 miles..and we'll see how energized I feel! _ and Sunday, I want to restart my book .. and just enjoy the sunday_!


Anonymous said...

Dude, when you create your ultimate fat free, low carb, high protein, low calorie, I will make you rich!

Please, by all means, keep me informed of that progress!

Happy weekend! I played as well

tommie said...

hope the taxi is going well...

running nine miles?? girlies you are ......well, you!!

miss you