Monday, February 23, 2009

Manic Monday

Thanks to Fleur de Lisa for this Monday's questions ..

What's one of the simple pleasures in your life?
Hmm.. simple pleasure .. when I think of that, I picture sitting on a large rock overlooking the ocean, or paddling on a lake .. So, I think solitude is a simple pleasure ~

What do you like to snack on when you watch a movie?
When we go to the movies I usually like to do something that could be "good for you" (is there such a thing?) .. so a bag of cashews or trail mix .. I have been known to eat Good 'n Plenty .. but they leave a horrible after taste!

If you were a Survivor contestant, what would be your luxury item?
LOL .. my first immediate answer was "laptop" but then realized I wouldn't be able to plug in ... duhhh .. (lately I have had many blonde moments..) .. so luxury item .. a pillow.

So this morning we woke up to 22 inches of fresh snow! It was absolutely beautiful .. I almost didn't want to shovel it. Well, reality kicked in ... and once again muscles in tact ..the shoveling began!

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tommie said...

solitude is truly a simple pleasure. I know you have lived through the "two kids back to back" thing...and KNOW what it is not to have solitude!

The snow is gorgeous. Do they cancel school for that? It would totally be shut down here!